Device Fulfillment Services

From order administration to distribution and user setup, you benefit from our commitment to operational excellence. It’s why we confidently guarantee same day shipment of all orders received by 2 p.m. EST. Our experience makes certain you have just enough inventory on hand to meet the demand.

order administration

To expedite the needs of your business, Trapollo integrates into your sales ordering system. Integration is how we streamline your order processing, eliminate manual bottlenecks, prevent errors, and establish a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment.

inventory control

Control means knowing your real-time inventory levels and tracking inventory in multiple locations. It means knowing safety stock, reorder points, cycle counts, demand planning, and distribution requirements planning. Our TMC software gives you the control to satisfy customer expectations.


Our Trapollo platform (TMC) is integrated with the major carriers, so you can track virtually any kind of shipment in real-time, including standard, expedited, bulk and residential.

user setup and support

No matter how great your technology is, you need and deserve our well-trained Trapollo support call center to get new users set up and feeling at ease with their new device.


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Device Solutions & Support

warranty administration

Proper warranty administration is a part of protecting and promoting public health, which is why we offer support services related to warranty administration.


Our HelpDesk provides customer service on your behalf to both the public and prescribing providers. Once a question is received from a patient or provider regarding your device, our HelpDesk analysts will respond as soon as possible and log every interaction, using the specific device identifier, so that you can easily access this information, should you need for regulatory compliance.

quality assurance

Trapollo assists you with assuring quality. Quality is the key to providing confidence to your partners, customers and patients and securing your reputation in the health care field.

In a single year, your monitoring devices are transferred from patient to patient several times. That’s a lot of wear and tear. As your logistics expert, Trapollo knows the importance of properly inspecting, measuring and reporting any quality control issues. We have a state-of-the art program designed to identify equipment that needs technical refreshing, repair, and if necessary, proper recycling and disposal.

replacement and recovery services

To meet FDA regulations, you may be obliged to document and report complaints throughout the device lifecycle. Our systems support easy and timely reporting of defects, damage and failures throughout the initial receiving, replacement, and recovery of devices.

We understand the importance accurately reporting the replacement and recovery of medical devices to the Office of Inspector General.


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FDA Compliance Management for Medical Devices

fda-registered facility

The manufacture and distribution of medical devices is subject to regulation by the FDA. We are familiar and compliant with these requirements. We are proud of our heightened awareness of doing business the right way for you, your clients and patients.

complaint management

Our tracking systems help you to easily comply with your FDA complaint handling and reporting requirements.

We can help you. Our Trapollo Management Console (TMC) can be used to implement an effective and comprehensive approach to managing customer complaints and regulatory reporting. By facilitating compliance, Trapollo also helps you to streamline workflow processes.

nonconformity reporting

The Trapollo platform can track information that will assist you meeting your compliance obligations. FDA compliance is critical for medical device manufacturers. Your product’s quality, reliability and safety depend to a great extent on conforming to specifications that have been tested, proven safe, and approved.

The information Trapollo tracks can assist you to document product nonconformities.

recall administration

Trapollo can assist you during product recalls by helping to notify users, locate, track and retrieve affected devices. If you are ever involved in a product recall, we can assist in the location, retrieval and tracking of devices.


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