Efficient Operations Management

We take a step-by-step approach that lets you build new now and scale later.
Our software and processes works within your existing systems and workflows.
Reduce risks and maximize efficiencies while improving patient satisfaction and rankings.
Many of our clients were close to giving up their RPM programs. Then we came to the rescue. Now they’re expanding connected health programs. Let us show you how.

You’ve already tried the do-it-yourself approach to program management. It didn’t work. Let Trapollo take over so you can focus on clinical care. We design every non-clinical aspect to fit your program goals. We log, analyze and report every in-home interaction so you can keep focusing on patient outcomes.

program design

Our program management team works side-by-side with you to develop a blueprint for optimal workflows and communication. We make our operations work with your existing systems and processes.

project management

We’ll build upon your “blueprint,” adjust as needed, and make your program operational — from patient selection criteria to enrollment processes to monitoring and beyond.

program analytics

Expect detailed documented processes that cover every connected health event, from installation to patient training issues to identifying devices in need of repair.

roi reporting

What isn’t measured isn’t managed, which is why we develop a plan that will support the integrity of your clinical care, but at the same time, maximize program efficiencies and ROI right from the start.


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Remote Patient Monitoring Setup & Support

Our US-based outbound call centers handle all patient outreach and in-home support.
We engage patients daily, not only to ensure adherence, but also to hear how patients are really feeling about their devices and wellness.
By doing all the non-clinical tasks, we can help your patient and organizational outcomes surpass goals.
Adherence is key. That’s why Trapollo gives you a dedicated call center team to ensure your patients are plugged in and compliant.

We make all the calls for you. We confirm that there’s enough space in the home for the equipment. We update software after testing the in-home equipment — and we schedule ongoing check-ins to sustain a strong human connection with each patient.


The moment a patient is enrolled, your health system is notified so you can begin your patient management process.

in-home scheduling and setup

Trapollo reaches out to a patient or caregiver to schedule health kit delivery and installation.

patient training

Patients who are more comfortable with their devices are more compliant. That’s why our trained support team walks through setting up the devices over the phone or in person, whichever is best for the patient.

compliance monitoring

Our follow through includes monitoring, and any tech support needed to keep equipment in working order, which helps promote compliance and satisfaction.


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Solving Logistics For Remote Patient Monitoring

Most health care organizations aren’t equipped to ship and receive equipment — we are.
We provide HIPAA compliant device and data disposal services, plus certificates of destruction when required.
Trapollo manages your component refurbishment or replacement requests (as required), plus verifies that all units work post-recycling.
RPM logistics are complicated. You monitor many patient populations. Your health kits can contain thousands of components with devices from many different manufacturers.

What do you do in the event of an FDA recall? Don’t worry. Trapollo tracks the exact location of every single component in your FDA-registered inventory — no matter where it is. And we assemble, ship, track, recover and redeploy for you — no matter your target population.

inventory and asset management

We manage two locations to ensure prompt kit delivery anywhere.

shipping and tracking

To maximize efficiencies, our unique Kit ID’s track the location of every component. Our team physically maintains your inventory so it can be accounted for at all times.

equipment recovery

We use program specific “De-installation Kits” that include instructions, packing material, and the coordination of UPS residential pick-up services.

sanitization and redeployment

Once units come back from the field, our integration center staff perform complete unit recycling services, including device disinfection (both virtual and physical) and testing before being shipped to the next patient.


To avoid lost devices and make the most of your equipment investment, contact us now

Expert Device Solutions

Your clinicians don’t need to perform technical refreshes to device hardware; we do that for you.
With Trapollo you can purchase, rent and finance the exact equipment your RPM program needs.
Most health care professionals aren’t trained to evaluate and make technology purchases; we do this all day long.
We have successfully operationalized some of the largest connected health programs in the U.S.

From recommending devices that suit your needs to making sure that device hardware is technically refreshed when necessary, we do it all. Not only do we sell, rent and finance health monitoring kits from some of the world’s best manufacturers, we are a leader in mobile device management. Let Trapollo get your program back on track, moving forward and improving.

evaluation and recommendation

Equipment is a big investment. Devices are transferred from patient to patient several times during a 12-month period, which is why you want the best advice on choosing your technology.

device sales and financing

Whether it makes sense for you to rent, lease or purchase devices, we can help you with financing and spread your investment over time in predictable payments.

multi-vendor tech support

Technology offers you many great product manufacturers to choose from, and with our multi-vendor tech support, you can feel free to choose one or many monitoring solutions and know that we can support you and your patients.

mobile device management

More and more, connected health is being adopted by tech savvy patients who collect and communicate data via mobile phone and computer tablet. We make managing devices look simple because we are a leader in mobile device management for RPM programs.


Doing-it-yourself didn’t work. To get a connected health program running at top efficiency, contact us now