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Our Approach

Creating a successful remote monitoring program is much more than selecting the equipment.

A solid process to manage the equipment in and out of the patient’s home is critical.  Most programs fail in the areas of in-home setup, patient training and ongoing support of the health monitoring equipment; these elements directly affect a program’s success.

For a number of reasons, equipment manufacturers struggle to ensure proper deployment and utilization of their systems, resulting in early adopters finding the products they’ve invested in are sitting on the shelf.

Since 2010, Trapollo has focused on operationalizing large scale remote health monitoring programs.

Trapollo's product neutral approach ensures success. Our experts have extensive knowledge of available technologies and have mastered how to maximize patient usage of the device. Drawing from a broad portfolio of products and services, Trapollo can design, implement, and manage every stage of the remote health monitoring lifecycle on a national level.

Trapollo’s service offering includes:

  • Product selection and acquisition
  • Asset and logistics management
  • In-home installations
  • User training
  • Remote monitoring
  • Triage support
  • Customer service
  • 7/24 Technical support
  • Patient- to-Patient transfers

Trapollo provides a customized service package to support your specific business strategy.

Trapollo’s industry proven, best practice approach enables your organization to focus primarily on patient care.

Your highly skilled care providers can reduce costly home visits. They can rely upon knowledgeable technical support to manage equipment-related service calls. Inventory tracking, device care, and equipment sanitization for patient-to-patient transfers are all part of Trapollo’s offerings.

Our complete managed service programs compliment your care services. We work with you and for you to ensure the best possible experience for your patients and customers. Call us today to discuss your organization's unique needs and the many ways Trapollo can meet them.

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