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Independent Living

With some 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 heading toward retirement, emerging technologies will become increasingly important in caring for an aging baby-boomer generation. Seniors who choose to remain in their homes often carry health conditions that hold the potential of progressing over time, making it difficult to remain independent. Remote Health Monitoring technology is currently being used to enable thousands of seniors to live independently. For them, an in-home solution helps to ease concerns, providing a direct link to healthcare providers who can remotely monitor and intervene when necessary through a host of online offerings, including:

  • Vital sign measurements
  • Daily health surveys
  • Medication dispensers
  • Motion tracking and fall alerts
  • Monitoring and triage services
  • Multi-user Health Kiosks
  • Video consultations

With a Trapollo Remote Health Monitoring solution, seniors benefit from continuous health and wellness services that help them remain independent longer.